Shark cage diving

Marine biologists and expert crew members will not only show you where these mysterious and misunderstood apex predators hunt and hide, but they will also explain to you how and where they feed, breed and breach.

Going Great White Shark Diving in South Africa is a combination of goosebump thrills, education and relaxation on a luxury boat in the company of experienced experts and researchers! They will show you how to distinguish between a male and female shark and how to identify a specific shark by its unique dorsal fin and scars. The boat trip to where the activity is to take place, is by itself an exhilarating adventure. Included is pre dive meals as well as soup and sandwiches afterwards.

Whale Viewing boat trips

Trip lengths are between 2 and 2.5 hours, depending on sightings and weather conditions.  All cruises depart from Kleinbaai harbour near Gansbaai.  Found only in Gansbaai, Dyer Island, located 8 km from shore is an access controlled Important Bird Area (IBA) for the conservation of its many resident bird species, including African penguins. Adjacent to Dyer Island is Geyser Rock, home to a 60,000 strong Cape fur seal colony. These seals are present all year round. We will take you into the channel of water between Dyer Island and Geyser Rock known as the world famous ‘Shark Alley’.  We will then take you to the whale hot-spots in the bay.  With over a decade of experience, not only do we know where to expect the best whale viewings, but the whales have also learned where to expect us!  We boast South Africa’s largest boat-based whale identity catalog and we see re-sightings of the same individual whales year after year. Trips include snacks pre and post trip.

Each trip is led by experienced marine biologists and guides who will share their knowledge with you, keeping emphasis on the welfare and conservation of the animal.

Eco Marine Boat Trips

In the summer months after the Southern right whales depart, Dyer Island Cruises runs 1.5 to 2 hour trips to Dyer Island and Geyser Rock. These trips take in the sights described above at Geyser Rock, Dyer Island, and the White Shark Cage Diving boats. In addition, during this time of year we also spot Bryde’s whales and dolphins. The dolphins we most commonly see are Bottlenose and Humpback.  This is also the beginning of the ‘sardine run’ and our best seabird encounters happen during this time of year.

Sea Cave Hikes

We do a number of guided trails that can include as many as 7 caves on the route depending on the average fitness level of the group. Here is a bit of information on some of the caves on the trail.

The Klipgat trail is a 7 km trail from the harbour of Gansbaai along the shore to the entrance of the Walker Bay Nature Reserve and the famous Klipgat Cave. A fresh water fountain surfaces on the beach below the cave. The trail meanders through the special limestone-rock vegetation and past several larger and smaller caves and coves. Along the way you pass a circular stonewall the locals call “Duiwelsgat” (The hole of the Devil). The origin of the name is “Duiwegat” (dove hole) due to the many rock pigeons that nested in the hole. The wall was build by the first inhabitancy of the area to prevent the sheep and cattle from falling into the hole, which was formed by the collapse of the cave ceiling. Looking down into the hole (not advised for people with vertigo) you will see the waves of the ocean rolling in and out at the bottom.

Platbos milkwood forest hike 

Platbos Forest is a privately owned indigenous forest that is Africa's southernmost forest, and a rare remnant of the Sandwoud. Some of the trees are said to be up to 1000 years old. The guided or self-guided woodland trails for bird and nature lovers are suitable for all ages. Footpaths are wide, gradients are gentle and there is protection from harsh coastal winds and sun. Facilities include a picnic site and ablutions. Pre-booking is essential. The hike takes approximately 2-3 hours.

Walker Bay wine route/Elim Wine Route/ Stanford Wine Route

We can offer you a guided wine route. Starting in Hermanus, Stanford and ending in Elim. A leisurely drive along the tarred R43 between the quaint missionary village of Elim and Bredasdorp takes you past the impressive six wineries on theElim Wine Route - Zoetendal Winery, Quoin Rock, The Berrio, Black Oystercatcher Strandveld Vineyards, home of First Sighting wines and Lomond.

The Hemel-en-Aarde (Heaven and Earth) Valley is one of the most productive regions in terms of the production of wines. It has the ideal climate, as the icy wind from the Atlantic Ocean cools it down. In addition, the mountains, which surround the valley, lock in clouds and the resultant moisture, so that the vines get plenty of water. The Onrust River is another aspect of this valley’s geography, and is an integral part of its irrigation. Some of the best known wine farms in the Walker Bay Wine Route include Bouchard Finlayson, Cape Bay and Whalehaven Wines. The most popular wines produced in Walker Bay are currently Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but the variety is virtually unlimited. 

The Stanford Wine Route strives to offer a unique and full experience to all who visit, and each farm prides itself not only in its wine, but in keeping up to date with current trends. From dry roses and MCC, to full bodied reds, Stanford's wine route never gets old. Some farms have even diversified to add crafted beers, infused gins and grappa-based liqueurs to their repertoires. The Stanford Wine Route meanders through-breath taking open countryside and a warm welcome awaits you at the beautiful tasting rooms and cellars. Many of the farms offer delicious lunches and picnics in tranquil settings. These are places where you will love to linger, so make sure you allow lots of time to enjoy the best of each wine farm.

Endless White Sandy beaches

Where De Kelders ends, the Walker Bay Nature Reserve begins. It is a coastal reserve, managed by Cape Nature. It stretches all the way to the Klein River estuary near Hermanus, covering about 1 000 ha with a spectacular 17km coastline. The reserve has a beautiful long beach, known as “Die Plaat”, with white sands and rocky limestone outcrops. The Walker Bay Nature Reserve is ideal for day hikes along the coast, angling, swimming and picnicking.

Franskraal Beach

Long stretches of endless fine sand beaches glittering in the ebb and flow of the shallow waves. Franskraal beach also crosses Uilkraals estuary where the river mouth flows into the ocean. The shallow waters makes it the ideal swimming spot for children. Franskraal Beach is well known as a birding hot spot, and often whales, dolphins and other marine life can be spotted from the shore.

At the beginning of the beach is plenty of rocky outcrops and rock pools and then it flows into soft fine beach for a further 20 km approximately, crossing different nature reserves and conservation areas. This lengthy beach allows for testing your endurance as a runner. Ideal for a family outing to the beach as children can frolick in surf and follow little fishies around. Nothing like sandy nappies on a hot day.

Anglers will find themselves drawn to the water’s edge among the rocks, or on the beach itself, to get the catch of the day.

Guided Fat Bike Dune Tours

We offer stunning trails in De Kelders on new Fatbikes with 4.7 Inch tyres. Easy to ride on the sand and you will have the time of your life with the new sensation of being able to ride in the most beautiful terrain there is.

Beach Trail

We will start by the nature reserve entrance and then will ride down the 4x4 trail down to the beach. The 4x4 trail is quite a long one taking us along the cliffs along Die Plaat. We will get some soft sandy patches where you will have the chance to try out the fat tires before getting to the beach. We can rest along the way as this is not a race and just for pure enjoyment and to take in the sights as well as enjoying the sensation of riding on sand without getting stuck. 

Dune Trail

This is the ultimate ride from near Grootbos nature reserve down the mountain to the top of the Sand Dunes. The trail to the dunes is special, running on a narrow sandy horse trail through the Fynbos. You will be given gaiters to wear to protect your legs from the bushes as they tend to really make you itch by the time you reach the dunes. When reaching the dunes we will make our way up and across to reach a fantastic downhill section where we will pick up speed before reaching the top of our first vertical dune face. 

Quadbike outrides

Our local Quad explorer offer nature enthusiasts of all ages a guided, eco-friendly Quad biking experience. Embark on a breath-taking, two hour trail ride that will take you along pristine blankets of indigenous fynbos, through streams, along sandy roads, over rocky trails, up steep mountain slopes and under an enchanting canopy of an indigenous milkwood forest. You will gradually make your way up to the top of the Franskraal mountain where you will have a panoramic bird’s eye view of the magnificent vista of landscape and ocean below you. The visual eye candy includes Dyer Island as you have never seen it before.

Horse riding on the beach

This guided outride on the beach is just idyllic through dunes and on the sandy white beaches. The best way to sightsee the beautiful landscape either coast or farm land in Gansbaai is on horseback. You can literally sit back and let the well-trained horses take you on a journey like no other.


Whale Watching Flights / Sundowner Flights / Air Transfers

Our local aviation company pilots have many years aviation experience, with a 100% incident and accident free record. They have strict safety measures in place to ensure the highest safety standards around.

There is no compromise on the safety of the aircraft or passengers. We have a variety of pre-composed packages to take you on an unforgettable air experience, creating lasting memories. Customized packages available on enquiry.



Close to most southern tip of Africa Gansbaai is an inspirational place to go kayaking. This human energy generated mode of transportation allows you to get up close and personal to the largest mammals on the planet. Kayaking in Gansbaai is definitely one of the best ways to discover the waterways of the area while gaining a whole new perspective on the landscape. 

Kayaking tours are available and are mostly ocean-based sea-kayaking excursions. From rubbing shoulders with whales to exploring otherwise inaccessible caves this is the adventure no one can resist. It’s so appealing you might just get a friendly tag-along. Curious seals or dolphins are common co-pilots on these excursions, so don’t be alarmed. Paddling along here in paradise.